Citizen Forteana

Welcome to Citizen Forteana.

This is the web page for reporting results from the series of experiments featured in Fortean Times issue XXX

Experiment 1
Report the target you used and how many times each participant was correct out of how many attempts

Experiment 2
Remote Viewing
Quite simply what’s in the box? You can say what you think it is or submit a drawing or impressions.

Experiment 3
Mind Reading with Zener Cards
How many times did you do it and how many did you get right?

Experiment 4
How well did your plants grow with orgonite compared to without? What species did you use?

Experiment 5
Talking to plants
How well did your plants grow? Post pictures or measurements, say what type of plant and which experimental version you used.

Experiment 6
The Sense of Being Stared At
Report the condition, the response, the result, the relatedness and the number of people staring if more than one.

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