Citizen Forteana


I hope you’ve come here from the latest issue of Fortean Times (issue 378) and you’re after a go at trying out some experiments. If so, thank you. Nothing might come of all of this but if you’re don’t look you don’t find!

If you are intending trying any of these experiments please let me know by dropping me an email at this address [email protected]. This allows me to know how many people intended doing experiments and how many people actually carried them through. If you carry any of the experiments to completion please submit your results whatever they are, negative results are just as important as positive ones.

Each experiment has its own sub page please feel free to try as many or as few as you want or indeed just have a look around if that’s all you want to do.

Experiment 1 – Dowsing

Experiment 2 – Remote viewing

Experiment 3 – Zener Cards

Experiment 4 – Orgonite

Experiment 5 – Plants and Sound

Experiment 6 – The Sense of Being Stared At

Results will be published in Fortean Times after the closure of the experimental phase which lasts for six months from UK publication of issue 378 of Fortean Times (the end of September 2019 is the cutoff point for submitting results).

And while you’re here, you might be interested in the Edinburgh Fortean Society day conference on the 13th of July